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“Wiser Now” to Launch Creative Arts Issue May 15th

“Wiser Now” magazine seeks new work for publication to 125+ million iPad users on the Apple Newsstand around the world. This phenomenal platform and awesome device changes everything. Gone are technical constraints removes virtually all of the constraints of print publishing and offers incomparable benefits to creatives and to readers.

Staying true to our roots, “Wiser Now” is looking for new voices that edify and uplift the incredible role that RELATIONSHIP plays in our lives. We want work that deepens understanding of its many facets–relationship to spirit, self, loved ones, community, nature, work, art, money, sex, media, etc.


We are accepting submissions–electronic submissions only, no attachments–as follows for the May 15th issue:

We strongly encourage prospective contributors to peruse previous issues of the magazine before submitting their work.

Magazine covers and “From the Editor” notes can be viewed here.

Various internal pages can be viewed on a PC through the magazine’s viewing portal.

Please note: The magazine can only be downloaded on an iPad. 

The standard reading fee is being waived for submissions under 1500 words for the Creative Arts May 15th issue.

If you wish to submit more than a total of 1500 words for the May 15th issue, please remit 10.00 USD through PayPal to and be sure to put the PayPal transaction ID link at the top of your message.

Contributors retain all rights to their work(s) and are compensated with copies of the magazine. They also receive a customized badge.


The deadline for submission for the May 15th launch issue is March 30th.

If your work is accepted for this issue, you will be notified by email by or before April 30th.

You will be asked to provide these items for publication in the Contributors section at the front of the magazine:

  • an author photo (150×150 pixels)
  • a short bio (150 words)
  • an artist statement (150 words)

If you have any questions, please contact the editor for the genre(s) in which you wish to submit (listed above).

We look forward to hearing from you.


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