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April 2013

April 2, 2013

“Wiser Now” April 2013


On the Apple Newsstand April 3rd

Self Defense or Submission

In its earliest structured study, the organic brain damage we call psychopathy was first defined as moral insanity. This came about because the afflicted demonstrated extreme immorality. Where do morals come from? Subsequent researchers worked their way to a consensus that the immorality of the psychopath resulted from lack of conscience—the total inability to care about others or feel shame or guilt about their own behavior.

A couple of other hallmarks of human predators are that they do not tolerate resistance and they are driven by moral insanity to get their way. Removing guns from sane, law-abiding citizens would feed both of these appetites. It is worth noting that the gun control arguments disallow any mention of what has happened to the violence crime rate in countries where the citizenry has been disarmed. This omission says it all.

This month we present words and images from the gun debate, a look at psychopathic bonds in personal and public relationships, little known healing properties of apricots and coconut oil, media violence and children,  the hoarding of animals, the mindset of self preservation, hypothyroidism (which affects over 80 percent of women over 40!), another fine work of fiction and more. Enjoy!

“Denial and inactivity prepare people well
for the roles of victim and corpse.”

~ Dr Leach


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