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October 2012

September 27, 2012

“Wiser Now” October 2012


On the Apple Newsstand October 1st.

Comes a Time

There comes a time when the unexpected arises, the unwanted occurs and the unknown reveals itself. These moments may bring clarity in a time of need or they may require further investigation. Most of us are accustomed to events that are, for the most part, manageable, and enable us to continue doing what we do in relative comfort. But what of events that overwhelm us emotionally, financially, socially, physically, spiritually?

In this issue, we talk with Alvin Conway about coming earth changes of enormous extent. Stefan Verstappen introduces us to the law of the jungle that will overtake cities in the near future. Claudia Moscovici considers the reality of the relational blueprint of aberrant intimacy. Davos shows us the hilarious and horrifying paradigms at work in the systems in which we operate. John Nutting takes us by the hand into our inner world to explore the deep, unseen beliefs that run our lives. Sarah Strudwick pulls our heads out of the washing machine with her wit about crazymaking. And Anna Moss delves into the neuroscience of language and the psychopathy of the cancer industry.

“Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments…” William Shakespeare, Sonnet 116

Available on the Apple Newsstand October 3rd.








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